By Carol Cain
CBS Detroit

Michigan Matters: Dave Bing Seg 1Michigan Matters: Dave Bing Seg 1

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Former Detroit Mayor Dave Bing blasted former treasurer Andy Dillon for “lying repeatedly” to him during conversations between the state and city, first during the consent decree process , then bringing Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr on board to confront the city’s finances.

When asked if he complained to Gov. Rick Snyder about Dillon, who was his front person in the city of Detroit conversations, Bing said he had.

“It was obvious bringing an EM was their game plan from the beginning,” Bing said during taping of “Michigan Matters.”

He also had choice words for Snyder as well.

Bing appeared with business woman Denise Ilitch and journalist/political pundit Cliff Russell.

Michigan Matters. (credit: Tony Chiudioni/ CBS 62)

Michigan Matters. (credit: Tony Chiudioni/ CBS 62)

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Bing, who has had his fair share of crisis to deal with over the years, also talked about Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, who testified before Congress this week in GM’s ignition switch issue involving millions of GM vehicles.

The problem cost the deaths of 13 people and dozens of injuries in accidents as a result.

Barra appeared to answer questions and explain what went wrong at the huge auto maker.

The world applauded when Barra was tapped to take over as the first female CEO of a major auto maker.

“Women are making inroads, but we have so much further to go,” said Ilitch, who knows about navigating in a male dominated field.

Her parents – Marian and Mike Ilitch – own the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings.

Ilitch, along with her mom, has been at league meetings where she was the only female in the room.

Russell compared Barra taking over as CEO of a company facing trouble to the sports world where African American coaches got opportunities only after teams confronted trouble.

“The situation at General Motors reminds me of college athletics when programs have been run down or have gotten into trouble, and they all-of-a-sudden hire a black head football coach or basketball coach,” said Russell. “ It appears that General Motors elevated a woman, Mary Barra, to CEO just in time to deal with their tremendous problems, though I’m sure that Ms. Barra, like many of those black coaches, is eminently qualified for the job.”

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