By: Evan Jankens

I’m a 6-foot, 30-year old man who still dreams about being able to dunk and can only be jealous of a high school player.

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Tacko ‘Taco’ Fall is a high school junior and 18-years-old. Taco stands between 7 foot 4 inches and 7 foot 5 inches and has a 8-foot wingspan. Taco wears a size 22 shoe, the same as Shaq, and is dominating high school, as you would assume.

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According to, he played in 21 games as a junior and averaged 11.1 ppg with 5 rebounds per game. To me those numbers should be way higher but I’m sure this guy is still getting used to being that tall.

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The tallest player to play in the NBA was Gheorghe Mureșan and Manute Bol.