LIVONIA (WWJ) – Dozens of residents who live along the I-96 construction zone are complaining about the overnight noise level of the project.

Just how loud is it?

“Loud enough to wake me up,” said Adriano Agassi, who lives nearby, “and my house is not right next to the jack hammering, but they were jack hammering at 4 o’clock this morning because it woke me up. And I live just east of Inkster, on the Redford side.”

A spokesman for the city of Livonia said Mayor Jack Kirksey was scheduled to speak with Michigan Department of Transportation officials again on Friday to discuss the noise problem.

Livonia did some of its own sound testing Thursday night; and, Kirksey says some noise is to be expected, he said the decibel level has to be reduced.

Agassi agrees.

“From what I’m assuming, they were jack hammering the wall there, just west of Inkster Road,” he said. “Because I know that the bridge demolition in that area is pretty much done, so  I assume they’re doing the wall there that supports the freeway.”

MDOT has said that the only way to complete the project in a “timely” manner — six months or so — is to work around the clock, but Kirksey and MDOT officials say they are hoping to arrive at a compromise.

A 7 Mile stretch of the freeway in Wayne County, from Livonia through Redford Township, will remain closed until October.

The closure is part of a $148 million to completely rebuild I-96 between Newburgh and Telegraph roads, which was originally constructed in 1971. This project will reconstruct the pavement, upgrade 37 overpasses, replace the drainage system and greatly improve the safety of the freeway. Aesthetic improvements are included as well, such as native plantings and new fencing.

[Find detour information and more details HERE]


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