YPSILANTI (WWJ) – Cameras installed, and now a billboard too, all in an effort to raise awareness and catch the person who is “doing their business” on the playground in Ypsilanti’s Prospect Park.

Bonnie Potter, a mother who has lived near the park for years, calls the behavior “outrageous.”

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“This is the weirdest I’ve seen, because this is a strange individual who would do this,” said Potter. “It’s funny, but it’s not. It’s dangerous ”

Potter is keeping her daughter, Emerald, off the slide for now but worries about the safety and security of other playground equipment as well:

“It’s dangerous and if the kind of person who is going around will poop on slides in the playground who knows what else they’ll do? I also had a look at the monkey bars and things for people who are putting razor blades and taping them up.”

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She says she hasn’t seen any of that activity yet, but hopes whoever is doing the misdeed is caught soon.

Potter says she will be limiting her daughter’s playtime in the swing area until the “potty prankster” is caught.

In early April is was reported that someone had been soiling slides at an Ypsilanti playground over the last six months, prompting city officials to take measures to put a stop to the so-called mystery pooper.

“This winter, it wasn’t necessarily a problem,” city council member Pete Murdock said. “Now that the weather is getting warmer, we need to get a handle on it.”

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