(Photo courtesy Sherri Lindsay)

(Photo courtesy Sherri Lindsay)

DETROIT (WWJ) – A life-threatening health scare prompted a metro Detroit mom to make a drastic change.

Sherri Lindsay (see after above, and before, below) told WWJ Health Reporter Sean Lee she was once a typical wife and hockey mom, busy taking care of her family, and putting everyone else’s needs first.

Her blood pressure started creeping up, she developed diabetes and the extra pounds kept piling on.

Finally — at age 49 and 270 pounds — Lindsay got the ultimate wake-up call: She had a stroke.

“We went right down to the hospital, and as soon as we got there, you know, my blood pressure was 240 over 180 when I arrived,” she said. “And the nurse at the time said, ‘Oh, your vision will come back after your blood pressure is normal.’ But after they did some tests they said, ‘Nope; you had a stroke.'”

(Photo courtesy Sherri Lindsay)

(Photo courtesy Sherri Lindsay)

Three days after her stroke, Sherri joined a gym, started walking and completely changed her diet.

She lost 130 pounds and got her blood sugar and blood pressure under control.

The American Heart Association will honor Sherri with its Lifestyle Change Award at the 2014 Detroit Heart Walk on Saturday, May 3, at Ford Field. It’s open to the public.

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