DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s a disorder that’s usually associated with aging, but arthritis affects kids too, including thousands here in Michigan.

Spring sports, bike riding, horsing around with friends … they’re all things that should be a normal part of life for 12 year-olds like Logan Bry reports WWJ Health Reporter Sean Lee .

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“Sometimes sports are troubling because maybe I can’t run as fast as other people,” he said very matter of fact.

But for Logan, sometime just walking up the stairs is out of the question, because he has arthritis.

Logan was just diagnosed two years ago, and like most people, he thought arthritis was a disease that only affects older people.

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“When they said I had arthritis, I had absolutely no idea that kids could get it,” said Logan. “I heard the name but thought that it was an older persons disease – that they got in their hands and knees and joints – I had no clue what I was getting into.”

Until there are better treatments or a cure for arthritis, Logan and 300,000 other kids and millions of adults have to keep living with progressive joint deterioration and pain, but there’s a way you can help.

“I’m hoping that they are able to develop a medicine that can cure it gradually, at least, so you won’t have to take any other medicines  and then everyone can be in remission,” he said.

You can join Logan and his team, Logan’s BAD Bones – BAD stands for Bound and Determined to beat arthritis – for the Walk To Cure Arthritis this Saturday at the Detroit Zoo.

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Find out how you can participate [HERE]