MACOMB COUNTY (WWJ) – A Clinton Township man was arraigned Wednesday for the kidnapping and rape of a 62-year-old woman as she left a church bingo game in Roseville in 1998.

Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith says DNA has connected convicted sex offender Michael Loftis to the crime.

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Loftis, 44, had to give a DNA sample when he briefly moved to California and that matched the evidence in the case.

“Once he moved to California, there’s a regulation there that all sex offenders have to have a DNA sample on file and that’s what led us to the CODIS hit we got,” said Smith.

Police, teamed with prosecutors and the Michigan State Police to track down nurses, doctors, lab scientists, and police officers involved in the 1998 processing of the crime scene, and unearthed medical notes and interview statements which establish the scientific evidence.

Police recovered DNA from the victim’s car and clothing but for years police could not connect a suspect to the crime and then Loftis moved.

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“The victim has unfortunately passed away so we have to recreate this entire crime – and recreate all the evidence through outside means. We spent some time and some research going through it and we think we’ve put together a formidable case including obviously the DNA,” Smith said.

Although the victim died in 2011 Smith says the family is pleased by the arrest:

“… it makes you feel good about what you do … even sixteen years later our law enforcement is tracking down people like Michael Loftis and making sure they pay.”

“The family feels like something was taken from them, and this poor victim is not here to see the end with us but Roseville PD are going to follow through to make sure he gets what he deserves,” said Smith.

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Loftis is charged with criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping, and unlawful imprisonment.