DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s a day many moms look forward to all year long, but Mother’s Day can present a unique set of problems for adult children.

If you’re an adult and you’re lucky enough to still have Mom with you, you may be making special plans to spend some time together Sunday.

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But as parents age, Mother’s Day sometimes turns into the day adult children notice troubling signs that Mom may not be able to keep living independently without some intervention.

Pam Feinberg-Rivkin, with Feinberg Consulting, says the first tip-off usually has to do with Mom’s appearance.

“If Mom is not dressed as normally she would on Mother’s Day, and if they are disheveled — they appear disorganized, not quit sure what day it is for sure,” Feinberg-Rivkin said. “That’s pretty obvious.”

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Problems with driving can also be a giveaway.

For example: “If they’re in the car not knowing the directions, if they seem to get lost where they’ve gone most of the time in their life and they know where to go, how to get there, and all of a sudden they’re going around in circles not finding the place,” Feinberg-Rivkin said.

Talking with an aging parent about continuing to live independently can be tough, and it’s often easier to bring in some independent, third party help to have that conversation, she said.

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Find resourced to help HERE, and from the Area Agency on Aging, HERE.