By: Jeff Riger

Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores seemed different at the Stan Van Gundy presser Thursday evening.

It started about a half hour late and when it finally got under way, Gores was very apologetic about what has gone wrong in the past. He expressed confidence that with Van Gundy in the mix, things were now heading in the right direction.

He almost seemed embarrassed by past seasons.

Gores spent about an hour after the presser making his rounds and spreading his message that things will be different. He talked to the 97.1 FM The Ticket cameras for about 10 minutes where he touched on multiple topics…

Was the Van Gundy hiring a desperate move?

Has Gores been affected by all the criticism he has faced since becoming the owner?

How many face-to-face interviews did Gores sit in on?

Watch the Gores video to find out the answers to the above questions and more.


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