PONTIAC (WWJ) – Four suspects have been ordered to stand trial in the shooting of attorney David Zacks inside his Bloomfield Hills home.

Zacks’ son Jeremy testified that he was home in his bedroom when he heard loud noises and ran upstairs.

He says his father was lying at the top of the stairs.

“I hear many loud –what apparently were gun shots — I, I ran up the stairs where I saw my father on the floor, shot,” said Jeremy Zacks.

My step-mother said your father’s been shot – I looked down at my dad and “I said, ‘what happened?’ and he said, ‘I’ve been shot.’ He said an ‘African American shot me through the front door.'”

Prosecutors allege the shooting was a result of a botched armed-robbery, concocted by Cassandra Chobod and Devon Miller reports WWJ’s Sandra McNeill.

Miller’s attorney Mitch Rabinowitz said attorney Zacks knew the woman from BT’s Club in Dearborn.

“Police reports indicate there was a relationship from a gentleman’s club and they knew each other and apparently they were having some contact outside of the gentleman’s club,” said Rabinowitz.

Alleged get-a-way driver, Christopher Hernandez, testified about a planned arm-robbery of the home and told the court that Chobod claimed she had the combination to a safe in the home.

“I remember her asking, “What should I say, he’s texting me” Hernandez testified.

Hernandez claims that Zacks was not supposed to be home.

Hernandez says he waited in the car as the other three suspects approached the home and he heard shots. When Devon Miller returned to the car: “He didn’t say he shot the guy, he just shot the door. He said he shot at the door.”

Zacks was seriously injured from gun shots to his abdomen and leg.

Rabinowitz said his case will center around whether Miller knew Zack’s was behind the door when he fired the gun.

Twenty-year-old Henry Williams and 21-year-old Devon Miller, the alleged shooter, are being held on $5 million bonds, while 20-year-old Christopher Hernandez Monteil and 23-year-old Cassandra Chobod are charged in connection with the attack on Zacks.


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