Perhaps Gwyneth Paltrow should just stop talking.

The actress explained the Internet to the tech site at an event Tuesday night. She said, “The Internet…allows us the opportunity to project outward our hatred, our jealousy.” Okay, that makes sense.

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But then she went on to describe the experience of reading negative comments about herself online, and said it’s “almost like” being a war veteran. Yeah, just stop talking Gwyneth.

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Have you ever played the game Jenga against your cat?

A video posted by a YouTube user shows a guy and his cat playing Jenga, and the cat is good at it!

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Keep your day job 50 Cent.

The rapper, also known as Curtis Jackson, possibly threw out the worst first pitch in history during the Mets game. Even the announcer said, “And his first pitch was not great. Just a bit outside.”

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How do you open the season premiere of “America’s Got Talent”?

Show host Nick Cannon pranked the judges by dressing up as a mime (they had no idea), and giving them a very subpar performance. Of course the judges told him that miming isn’t for him, and he had some harsh words for the judges.

“Where do you guys get off telling me how to mime?”, said Cannon as the mime.

You could tell the judges were scared and even called security as he approached them, until they found out, it’s just host Nick Cannon.

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