It’s the movie everybody’s talking about, and WWJ’s Terri Lee got a sneak peek at a special preview screening.  Listen to her report and then read her review in its entirety below.



DETROIT (WWJ) – Yes, Angelina Jolie is magnificent in “Maleficent,” the untold story of the classic story tale, “Sleeping Beauty.” And, it’s a role Jolie says she just had to have.

“I loved Maleficent when I was a little girl,” Jolie said. “She was my favorite character, my favorite Disney character. I was afraid of her and I loved her. So, when I’d heard rumors that there might be a Maleficent movie, I asked around and asked what was going on, and then I got a call, so I was very excited.”

And now, Jolie’s dream of taking on the role of Maleficent has come to fruition. But, while Jolie nails her role, about midway through, you just might start to shift in your seat a bit while the story plays out and the climactic battle scene approaches. But when the action does pick back up, it’s definitely a treat watching Jolie as Maleficent in action.

But, while the director, Robert Stromberg, points out that he wanted this film (which marks his directorial debut) to “have enough of the elements of the 1959 animated ‘Sleeping Beauty’ so that people will not be disappointed,” unfortunately that is not entirely to be.

One of the issues Disney is going to have with how audiences react to this reimagining of the classic story tale stems from, believe it or not, the trailer. Why? Because the trailer promotes Maleficent as an evil villain. But, there’s a lot more to her than it seems. And while the trailer can’t – and shouldn’t give the entire story away – some moviegoers will be quite surprised with Maleficent’s transformation. Especially those that would prefer that this film stay true to the original tale of Sleeping Beauty.

Nonetheless, when Maleficent is evil, she’s at her evil best, including in the christening scene when she utters the lines:

“I must say, I really felt quite distressed at not receiving an invitation.”

But, whether you’re a diehard fan of the original or not, Jolie says you just might find yourself rooting for Maleficent.

“I think, strangely, you will approach that christening scene differently,” Jolie said. “When you know what you know about her, by the time you get to the christening, if we’ve done it right, you may – dare I say – be on her side.”

Let me know if Jolie is right and I’ll see you at the movies!

Maleficent is rated PG. However, the more appropriate rating, in my humble opinion, should be PG-13.

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