DETROIT (CBS Detroit) – “The man who many residents thought was going to be the key to revving Detroit’s revival, instead, helped drive it over the financial cliff.”

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So reads a social media promo for the seventh season premier of CNBC’s “American Greed,” focused on disgraced ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick —  once “a political superstar.”

A video trailer for the episode titled, “Detroit’s ‘Crime Boss’ Mayor,” promises a national audience “the shocking truth,” about the rise and fall of “the hip hop mayor,” who one man interviewed for the program says had, at one time, been “mentioned in the same breath as Barack Obama.”

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The show, with the tagline, “Scams, Scoundrels & Suckers” has, in the past, tackled topics such as identity theft, medical and religions scams, and the Mob; and notorious figured including Martin Frankel, Lou Pearlman, Bernie Madoff.

Kilpatrick was convicted in March, 2013, of a sweeping scheme to enrich himself and his friends through fixed contracts, bribes and kickbacks.  He remains behind bars, serving out his 28-year sentence.

Other than confessing to lying under oath about an affair with a staffer, he has repeatedly denied any legal wrongdoing.

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