DETROIT (WWJ) – A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a former Detroit high school student against former Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh along with other entities over allegations of inappropriate conduct.

The 44-page legal document obtained by Newsradio 950 alleges that Pugh, who ran a leadership class through the academy, aggressively pursued a sexual relationship with the student,  bribing the teen to create videos of himself performing sexual acts in exchange for money, video games, a cell phone and clothing.

Legal Document (pdf)

The $1.1 million lawsuit also names Detroit Public Schools former Emergency Managers Roy Roberts and Robert Bob, along with Frederick Douglass Academy’s principal and assistant principal.

The student bringing the suit is only identified as K.S.

The young man’s attorney, Bill Seikaly, believes they have solid evidence that DPS knew about this issue and failed to act on the teen’s behalf.

The suit says that Pugh had unprecedented access to and control over male students at the school without any form of supervision or monitoring by the district.

“There is good evidence that the school dist knew that they should have been monitoring it, they had nobody in the classroom on a regular basis,” said Seikaly.

DPS had no comment on the lawsuit.

Pugh left the Detroit area about the time these alleged incidents became public.

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