Talk about a “Wheel of Fortune” flub.

Contestant Stephen Dryer choked on solving what seemed like an easy puzzle on the show Wednesday night. His answer was so far off from what was on the board it makes one wonder what was going through his head.

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He tells TMZ that he ran in too early and nervously forgot the category. Hmm… I guess we’ll take that excuse.

Check out the video.


Why is Hugh Jackman hopping around?

The actor (hot actor I may add) is getting ready for the 68th Tony Awards on Sunday. A new promo for the broadcast shows the “X-Men” star naked in the shower and bouncing around New York City like a kangaroo.

But I guess we won’t find out why he’s bouncing. Viewers will have to find out when they tune into the show on June 8th on CBS.

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Check out the video.


So this is awkward.

Megyn Kelly delivered some bad news live to a Senate candidate, and didn’t even realize she was doing so. On her show, “The Kelly File,” she told Annette Bosworth that she has lost the primary race in South Dakota, something the GOP candidate wasn’t yet aware of.

You can tell Bosworth was a little flustered, but I have to give her credit, she did really well for someone who just found out they lost.

Watch the video.

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