HIGHLAND PARK (WWJ) – On Beresford Street in Highland Park, an eye-catching black, yellow and white sign reads: “Gov. Snyder, Thanks For The Potholes!” with an arrow pointing down at the ravaged road.

As the road funding debate rages on with the clock ticking in Lansing, a few such signs across Metro Detroit are pointing the finger at Gov. Rick Snyder.

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When WWJ City Beat Reporter Vickie Thomas showed the governor a picture of the sign he said he’d already seen it — and he’s been pushing state Legislators approve funding for Michigan’s infrastructure.

“And I think this pothole season really brought it home to say we have been under-investing, and hopefully that could be the opportunity in the next few days is to get a solution for our roads,” Snyder said.

Highland Park resident Ardis Minus, who has lived on the block for 35 years, thinks the sign is a joke.

“Yeah, that’s hilarious, because what I thought was he wasn’t in office when the problem started,” said Minus.

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“Yeah, he wasn’t, you know. It was handed to him,” she said. “You know: ‘You fix it. We couldn’t, but you fix it.'”

Talks continue this week in the state Senate as lawmakers weigh a two-tiered proposal that would raise the wholesale gas tax to pay for road repairs; then put on the ballot a sales tax hike and let voters choose one or the other.

“In November, if voters say we’d prefer to raise the sales tax instead, maybe that makes more sense for them because they don’t wanna see any movement at the pump ,” said Senate Republic Leader Randy Richardville.

Talking to WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick on Tuesday, Richardville gave that deal a 50-50 chance.

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Potholes on Beresford St. in Highland Park. (credit: Vickie Thomas/WWJ)

Potholes on Beresford St. in Highland Park. (credit: Vickie Thomas/WWJ)’