By: Sara

Sex games! Drug addiction! Really bad mullets and high-waisted jeans! Everyone’s beloved ’90s sitcom is getting the Lifetime movie treatment. “The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story” is set to light up the small screen on Labor Day. This behind-the-scenes look is loosely based on Dustin Diamond’s (Screech) 2009 tell-all book “Behind the Bell”. The producers also claim to have done their own extensive interviews with the cast.

There really are so many unanswered questions. Whatever happened to Zach’s massive cordless phone? Why is Lisa Turtle so crazy now? How does Mr. Belding score so much tail in real life? Will we ever look at Bayside High School the same way again? I only hope that the TV movie stays close to the brilliant acting we saw in the Jessie-Spano-freaks-out-on-caffeine- pills/I’m-so-excited episode.