DETROIT (CBS Detroit) – She couldn’t eat and could barely breathe, but a lucky dog’s tail is once again wagging after a rescue in Detroit.

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Officials with the Michigan Humane Society say “Olive” could have easily suffocated or starved to death if it hadn’t been for a caring neighbor who called for help.

(credit: Michigan Humane Society)

(credit: Michigan Humane Society)

“The Michigan Humane Society Rescue Department received a call about a dog that was living in an abandoned house and had a jar or a container that was stuck on her head for several days,” said Humane Society Rescue Driver Chris Ouwerkerk.

After an extended chase around the house, Ouwerkerk got her on a control stick.

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“She wasn’t happy about it…she didn’t know what was going on,” Ouwerkerk said. “So, once I got her outside, with her adrenaline rushing and her being scared, she was breathing really heavy, and you could hear the plastic jug  — it was sucking the sides in and they would pop out, so it was making some noise.”

Ouwerkerk said the jar was on there pretty tight, so he poked some holes in it to give the dog some air. Back at the shelter a short time later, it was carefully removed with the help of a lubricant.

After going through treatment for heartworm, Olive is now awaiting “a special and understanding adopter” to give her her forever home following her ordeal.

“She is a fun, loving dog,” Ouwerkerk said. “It doesn’t take her very long, but she does open up and she warms up to people, and then she is all about that person.”

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If you are interested in learning more about Olive, call the Detroit Center for Animal Care at 313-872-3400 and ask to speak to the shelter manager. To make a donation to help make more rescues like this possible, visit this link.