BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (WWJ) – A West Michigan man is reaching out for help to pay for surgery to fix his 100 lb.scrotum.

The medical name for 39-year-old Dan Maurer’s problem is scrotal lymphedema — and besides the obvious difficulty in walking, using the bathroom, and finding clothes that fit — it hurts.

“(I’m in) pretty much constant pain,” Maurer, who lives near Battle Creek, told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Charlie Langton. “I mean, you know, it’s a lot of weight to support like…in that area.”

Maurer said he has no sex life whatsoever as a result of his condition, and it’s difficult to sleep.

“It’s hard to roll over when you’ve got something like that, you know, and you have to sleep in a certain position,” Maurer. “I usually wake up after about four hours in pain, you know, and then I get up and try to relax my muscles and everything…and then try to get another four hours sleep.”

Maurer says he’s always been a big guy; and when he began to make an effort to lose weight, at age 35, that one particular area was just getting bigger. He went to University of Michigan Hospital for help, where he said a doctor told him the solution would be lap band surgery.

Fast-forward to today: Estimates for Scrotal Lymphedema Surgery to remove a 75 lb. growth from his scrotum range up to $1 million; and that’s money Maurer doesn’t have.

Maurer is asking the public to help him raise $20,000 so he can see a specialist in California for a consultation.

An online fundraiser has been going well; with more than half of the money raised as of Wednesday morning.

But, in the meantime, does Maurer feel depressed about having to carry such a weighty burden?

“I’m a pretty positive person, so I don’t really get down much, but when I think about this affecting my wife’s life … You know, how she’s had to take care of me, and how her quality of life is less because of me, that really bothers me,” he said.

Those interested in helping Maurer can can donate online via GoFundMe at this link. A fund has also been set up at Monarch Community Bank, under Dan’s Lymph Surgery, C/O Dan Maurer. Checks should be made out to Dan Maurer. The bank’s address is 365 N. Broadway St., Union City, MI 49094; and the phone number is 517-741-3567.


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