By: Evan Jankens

There are a few things in life that I believe shouldn’t happen — The Pistons should never have worn teal jerseys, I shouldn’t ever try to be in a muscle and fitness show — and last but not least former Tigers’ first baseman and current Texas Ranger Prince Fielder should never take off his clothes for a magazine.

Well, two out of those three items won’t happen. The Pistons won’t go back to teal, I’m not getting any muscles. But Prince Fielder, on the other hand, is in all of his glory in the new issue of ESPN The Magazine. It’s called “the body” issue.

ESPN posted a behind-the-scenes video showing the photo shoot and talking to Fielder about his physique. “I’m still in my prime, but I’ve got to be a little more smarter about my fitness as well as my nutrition,” Fielder says in the video.

“I don’t like to eat too bad, but I just like to eat good food,” he adds.

Now, you can all be the judge of how smart he’s being with diet and fitness. Fielder was regularly criticized for his hefty physique, once even snagging a fan’s nacho off his plate during a game. Satire site “The Onion” once did a spring training post saying Fielder showed up exactly the right amount of overweight.

So, how does he look here? Let’s just say he’s not exactly sporting a six pack. (Everything’s bigger in Texas?) But he does look very comfortable walking naked around a photo studio in the presence of others, carrying a huge black baseball bat.

“I guess I would like to have a 12-pack, that would be cool,” Fielder says in the video.

Is this photo a little much?