DETROIT (WWJ) – Preliminary exam testimony began Wednesday in the case against two Detroit men accused in the July 2012 murders of two Westland teenagers.

Twenty-five-year-old Frederick Young and 23-year-old Felando Hunter are charged in the deaths of 17-year-old Jourdan Bobbish and 18-year-old Jacob Kudla.

One witness at the hearing, Stephanie Searight, said the teens had come to an eastside Detroit home to buy drugs, and ended up begging for their lives after they were robbed and attacked.

“I heard the white boys kinda’ panic like, ‘what’s going on? What’s happening? … Just take it – we could just leave,” she said.

“I just kept hearing them plea, like, ‘can we just go, whatever you want,’ and after that it was like a I heard a bang, like somebody was hit,” said Searight.

Brandon Hall, a cousin of one of the accused, said the teens had come to a home on Algonac street at night, when they were robbed.

Prosecutor: Did you see Felando Hunter, or the person you described as Felando Hunter hit one of these white kids in the head with a gun?

“Yes,” said Hall.

Did Felando say anything to the kid when he hit him?

“Like I said, ‘be quiet, shut-up,’ testified Hall.

Witnesses added that the two teens were forced to undress and get in a car trunk – their bodies were discovered five days later in a field on the city’s east side. Each had been shot in the head.

The prosecutor then asked Searight if she recognized the boys in the house on Algonac as the two teens reported missing from later televised reports.

Searights answer was ‘yes.’

Both Bobbish and Kudla’s bodies were found in a Detroit field five days after their disappearance … each having been shot in the head. Testimony will resume on Monday.


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