By Mike Sullivan, 97.1 The Ticket

In the 84th minute of the World Cup Final between Germany and Argentina, YouTube sensation Vitaly Zdorovetskiy ran on to the field half-naked with “Natural Born Pranksters” written across his body.

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“Natural Born Pranksters” is an upcoming movie that Zdorovetskiy and other YouTube pranksters are currently working on. Vitaly is a Russian-American comedian is best known for his public pranks including “Miami Zombie” and “Do You Even Lift?” His YouTube channel, VitalyzdTV, has over 6.4 million subscribers and a total of nearly 645 million views on all of his videos.

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Zdorovetskiy was arrested by the local police, and had to pay a fine of $100 for his bail. He has been teasing this potential “streaking” stunt on his YouTube channel and twitter account the past couple of weeks. His twitter account gained 80,000 followers within 10 minutes of his streaking act.

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The TV broadcast cameras cut away while he was streaking, but LeBron James, of all people, happened to record it on video and posted it to his Instagram account.