DETROIT (WWJ) – Kevyn Orr plans to hightail it out of Detroit once the city emerges from bankruptcy.

That’s the word from Detroit’s state-appointed emergency manager, just shy of one year since the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in U.S. history.

“I think it’s appropriate for me, when this does come to an end, to exit quietly — I’m off the stage — and let the regular order return and let the city’s sort of healing process take; and let the patient recover on their own,” Orr said, in a one-on-one interview with WWJ City Beat Reporter Vickie Thomas.

At one point, Orr said, he had thought about staying on in Detroit as a consultant. He even tried to buy a house, he said, but was outbid in a Detroit landbank auction.  “That blew up in my face,” Orr said.

What will he miss about Detroit?

“Besides my barbecue joints? … I am not gonna miss the public scrutiny,” Orr said, adding that he will miss his staff.

Public scrutiny notwithstanding, Orr said things could have been a lot worse when it came to the media.

“I was very concerned that we would have perhaps a difficult time — and we haven’t,” Orr said. “And so I think that really says volumes about the integrity and character of this city.”

Orr said he was, however, a bit surprised by the level of world-wide interest in the case.

“You know…I headed up the White Water investigation, I was in the Chrysler case — I’ve been in other high-profile matters,” Orr said. “Actually, I did not know (this would be so big)… No, I didn’t.”

Orr has said Detroit is on track to emerge from bankruptcy in October. This Friday marks one year since the filing.

Hear Thomas’ complete interview with Kevyn Orr:

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