DETROIT (WWJ) – Candidates in the race for Wayne County Executive squared off in debate at Wayne County Community College Tuesday.

Robert Ficano, the man who currently holds that job, addressed the issue of a possible emergency manager for Wayne County.

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“It’s easy for everybody to stand up but if they want your job they are going to not agree on anything and where it’s going, but the bottom line is, there is not going to be an emergency manager in Wayne County,” he said.

Of the several candidates for the job, Warren Evans, who is the current front-runner in the race, did not participate in the debate.

A crowd turned out for the debate. (credit: Vickie Thomas/WWJ)

A decent size crowd turned out for the debate. (credit: Vickie Thomas/WWJ)

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Michigan Chronicle Senior Editor Bankole Thompson organized the event.

“I can’t read the Evans campaign, I thought it was very unfortunate – he should have been here,” said Thompson. “Mr. Evans actually teaches at Wayne County Community College so how much of an irony is that?”

Evans campaign notes that he was scheduled for an open house Tuesday evening.

Others in the race include, Westland mayor William Wild and County Commissioner Kevin McNamara, State Representative Bill Cavanaugh primary. See the complete list of candidates [HERE].

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The primary is August 5, 2014.