Justin Bieber almost gets a fist to the face.

Actor Orlando Bloom reportedly tried to punch the singer at a night club in Spain. Part of the alleged confrontation was caught on video by some party-goers. The whole thing apparently started when Bieber made a comment about Bloom’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr. Bieber partied with her in 2012 after a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

According to reports, the crowd applauded when Bieber left. Ouch!

Watch the video.


“Ya’ll gon make me lose my mind” – the famous words of DMX’s song “Party Up”.

And DMX did lose his mind during the Sling Shot ride in Orlando.

Someone posted the video of the whole thing online, and to that person I say, “Thank you.”

Watch the awesome video here.


How would you like Harry Potter to cut your hair?

Daniel Radcliffe attempted his skill at cutting hair on “Jimmy Kimmer Live!” The 25-year-old actor was given electric clippers and used them on a willing volunteer, a University of Florida student named Dan.

I believe Radcliffe should keep his day job!

Click here for the video.


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