There are some high notes in Sam Smith’s song “Stay With Me.” So imagine someone with a gruff, deep voice trying to sing it.

That’s what actor Vin Diesel did during a visit to a radio station. He covered Smith’s song karaoke-style, and did pretty well, I think.

Watch the video and decide for yourself.


An embarrassing moment for some news anchors in Los Angeles.

After a pipe burst and flooded part of UCLA’s campus, the ABC 7 news team did a live interview with someone named “Louis Slungpue” with the Los Angeles Department of Public Works. His reason for the flooding a cherry bomb, or someone, well, let’s just say someone clogged the toilet.

Suddenly the phone drops, and the anchors say “we lost him.”

Umm…no you didn’t. You hung up on him, but thanks for trying.

Watch the video.


NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams had to report on his own daughter starring as Peter Pan in “Peter Pan Live!” But he was so professional that you wouldn’t even know that he was talking about his daughter Alison.

“Family members confirm she’s been rehearsing for this role since the age of three, and they look forward to seeing her fly,” said Williams.

Very cute.

More here.


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