PONTIAC (CBS DETROIT) – The Woodward Dream Cruise is almost here — officially it’s August 16! And on just about every street corner – people are selling their classic cars — some are gems, and some are not.

The gems can set you back 40-, 50-, even 100-grand! So how about a sorta gem? Stay away from the cherry-ed out cars, and the typical picks like Camaros, Mustangs and Corvettes, and you could find a deal — like James Hall’s 1955 Oldsmobile 88.

“It has 69,000 miles on it, it has the original engine, which is a very quiet engine – very powerful – the transmission is a four-speed hydromatic original and works perfect – got good brakes, got good tires,” said Hall.

Hall says he’s the third owner, and admits the body has had work and needs more.

But, with solid mechanics and a pretty good-looking original interior, the $7,100 – $7,500 asking price sounds like a deal.

“Put some time and money into it and you could make a heck of a car out of it, that’s for sure,” he said.

Hall says, fixed up, the car could fetch $30-$50,000.

Of course, his car is just one example of what’s out there – check out more Dream Cruise gems [here].


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