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We all have heard his name over and over again. Johnny Manziel. Johnny Manziel. Johnny Manziel. Well, you’re going to hear it again and again and again. The Browns started off saying that Brian Hoyer is the starting quarterback, but Manziel seems to be taking over. We know that the 21-year-old has had his fair share of fun on the weekends this off-season, but let Johnny be Johnny. It’s time the Browns let his right arm and his legs do the talking. Let’s look at five reasons why Manziel must start all season for the Cleveland Browns. 

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1. Excites Cleveland, sells more tickets

The Cleveland Browns have been one of the biggest failures in football history. The Browns are known for their failures. They’re not known for their successes because, well, they really have had none. The city of Cleveland got some excitement back when LeBron James chose to return to the Cavaliers. Now, the Browns can enter relevancy in the city if Johnny Manziel is the week 1 starter against the rival Steelers. FirstEnergy Stadium should be packed to capacity if Manziel is behind center every week. Can’t say the same for Brian Hoyer. 

2. The Future

The future of the team should be the number one concern for the Browns. The team drafted Manziel to be the answer at quarterback for the future. They didn’t draft him to sit behind a career backup. If it’s going to cost them a few wins in 2014, so be it. Winning immediately should not be the biggest concern for head coach Mike Pettine; they just don’t have the talent to win this year. But in a couple years they could be good.

Brian Hoyer (Photo Credit: Leon Halip/Getty Images)

3. Brian Hoyer has started three games in his career

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Brian Hoyer won two games last season in his first two games as a starting QB. Then he tore his ACL in the third game, ending his season. Saying that the 28-year-old has significantly more experience than Manziel is just wrong. The guy has been a backup his entire career. You can’t base his career on two solid games. If we were comparing Manziel to a veteran starter in the NFL, it’s a different story. We’re not. Sure, Hoyer is the hometown guy, but that means nothing. 

4. Nothing to lose

What do the Browns have to lose at this point by starting the rookie phenom? They haven’t made the playoffs in a dozen years. They have finished with more than five wins just twice since then. The Browns have truly been the laughing stock of the NFL for so long. Starting Manziel at least ensures that people will be watching their games on a weekly basis. He’s like Tim Tebow, except a much better player and not as religious. If he is thrown into the fire and gets hurt, then you have Hoyer to fill in as a backup. Manziel will have to learn from any early growing pains that he is going to experience. It’s a win-win for the Browns.

(Photo Credit: Jason Miller/Getty Images)

5. He’s Johnny freaking Football 

This is Johnny freaking Football we are talking about here. The guy was an icon at Texas A&M. He’s a Heisman Trophy winner. He’s must-watch on a weekly basis. Sure, he’s filled the headlines for his off the field antics, but he’s 21 years old. If you weren’t going out and having fun at age 21, you weren’t living. Everyone goes through that part of their life in college. Manziel just has to do it in the public eye. The Browns will watch over him and make sure he doesn’t get into too much trouble. He’s got the talent and he’s got the confidence to become a big-time NFL QB if he’s just given the chance. Start Johnny Football because it’s the only thing to do. 

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