By: Maria Perez 

Fall is approaching and the leaves aren’t the only thing changing this season. Every year the NFL makes slight changes to the rules but this season it seems like some of the alterations are excessive and unnecessary. The US prides itself on Football being one of the greatest sports in the world, should the NFL really be changing and adding rules that take the drama out of the sport? 

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Here are five of the new rules that will be instated in the 2014 NFL season:


5. Less contact, more flags

It’s called a contact sport for a reason and if referees are going to be stricter on how much “illegal” contact there is, hopefully they each will be provided with an extra set of eyes in the back of their head… The refs will be on the lookout for more jersey grabbing, clipping and hands to the face, all resulting in a penalty of at least 5 yards. More flags means a possibility of more points, so this Fantasy Football season should get interesting.

(Photo Credit: Leon Halip/Getty Images)


4. Extra set of eyes… In New York

Now when the there is a fumble on the 40 yard line, not only will the refs be able review it but they will also have a friend to phone from the officiating department in New York in case they are unsure. 

(Photo Credit: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)


3. Unsportsmanlike penalties

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Players better start washing their mouths with soap before the season starts because if a referee catches them using foul-language its an automatic 15 yard penalty. While they’re swishing the soap around, they should also consider thinking of new ways to celebrate touchdowns since goal posts, pylons and using the football as a prop to celebrate is off-limits and good for a 15 yard penalty as well. Land of the free? Says who? Not the NFL. 

(Photo Credit: Sean Gardner/Getty Images)


2. Clock continues running after a sack

Paid a boat load of money for your seats? Well, you better cherish every second because now the clock will continue running after a sack to speed up the game. 

(Photo Credit: Grant Halverson/Getty Images)


1. Pre-snap movement by Offensive Linemen

The Offensive Linemen better not think of even sneezing before the snap because its a five yard penalty even if the other team doesn’t react. For the teams thinking of pulling a Little Giants intimidation trick, back to the drawing board…



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