By: Jeff Riger

Let’s cut to the chase…

After the Lions beat the Jags in preseason game #3, I couldn’t help but to think that the only person worth getting in the postgame availability was former Michigan QB Denard Robinson. ‘Shoelace’ as he was called in Ann Arbor is now a backup running back for the Jaguars but it wasn’t Jacksonville football that I was interested in talking to him about.

Robinson spent about 10 minutes with the media on Friday night where he talked about an array of things. From the NFL to Brady Hoke, Robinson seemed happy to be back in Michigan.

After about 7-8 minutes in I asked Robinson how it felt to see Michigan State not only win the Big Ten but to also win the Rose Bowl last seasonl?

And, then it happened…

He said it!

Robinson couldn’t help himself. He dropped “little brother” not once but multiple times as he was talking about the Spartans.

Robinson knew what he was doing and he didn’t mind at all stirring the pot. And, why should he? He doesn’t have to deal with the backlash. He’ll be in Florida while the rest of us in Michigan debate the term that has already turned into one of the oldest bits in Detroit sports.

Since Mike Hart uttered those words, Michigan football has gone in the tank. Big brother got old and fat while little brother figured out how to pummel their older bro year after year after year. It’s truly amazing how quickly things changed after the term came on the scene.

And now for Robinson or any other Michigan fan to say is just foolish.

So just stop Denard! MSU owns Michigan and if you think calling Spartan fans and their team ‘little brother’ takes away from their recent success, you’re wrong. It only adds to it.

Is there really a Michigan fan that believes “little brother” actually bothers MSU people? Seriously… That’s all you got?

Last time I checked citing the scoreboard is a lot more insulting then some silly little term that represents a time when MSU grew up and kicked Michigan’s ass.

Here is how a typical conversation goes…

MSU fan- We have beat you 5 of the last 6 years, you can’t even score a TD on us and you’re program has turned into an absolute embarrassment.

Michigan fan- Oh yeah! We’ll you’re still “little brother!”

MSU- hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

It’s so sad rooting for Michigan football these days.

“Little brother” means nothing but good times for MSU fans. It means exactly the opposite for Michigan fans. So please stop saying it!


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