DEARBORN, MI — (WWJ) Ford thinks Mustang is ready for its place in the fashion world, with a collection of t-shirts, designed by some of the hottest names in fashion.

“Mustang is really the soul of the Ford brand,” said Kim Cape, Ford group marketing manager. “We know that Mustang reaches many of its fan base, including many enthusiasts. But we also have an opportunity with Mustang, given the self expressive, the authenticity, to reach a broader base.”

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LINK — Mustang Unleashed Information

These are not the type of Mustang t-shirts you would expect to see somebody wearing to a NASCAR race. They are aimed more at somebody looking for a trendy, casual night on the town. Cape says Ford teamed with five different designers, and had each one do three shirts.

“We have a total of fifteen t-shirts, very authentic and expressive of the Mustang design, influenced by Mustang and all the design cues.”

A press release from Ford described each of the designers:

Anna Sui: Detroit native Sui and Mustang have quite a bit in common. Sui’s designs illustrate a rock ’n’ roll fantasy – reflecting the freedom, authenticity and inspiration embodied in Mustang
Rogan Gregory and Scott Mackinlay-Hahn of Rogan: With a respect for soulful minimalism and traditional quality, Rogan’s designs were inspired by the raw American heritage expressed in the modern, high-tech Mustang. The designer incorporated this into the graphics of the shirt, using the simplicity of natural, hand-drawn lines
Paula Cademartori: Cademartori’s passion for femininity and fine details are distinct in her designs and collection of bags. For her, “unleashed” represents power, freedom and creating new experiences. Cademartori’s Mustang-inspired designs highlight geometric shapes, the fantasy of color and glamour
Tomaso Anfossi and Francesco Ferrari of CO|TE: With a philosophy of freely interpreting established design themes from a contemporary point of view, CO|TE – like Mustang – moves forward and pushes boundaries. The inspiration comes from thinking without preconceptions, while paying attention to quality and tradition. CO|TE designs showcase Mustang’s attention to detail and geometric elements
Pamela Love: Love, with a passion for unique jewelry pieces, and Mustang come together as artifacts of a narrative. The inspiration comes from Mustang’s enduring role in American pop culture, and the idea of moving forward while leaving the past behind. Love’s designs highlight the horse as a symbol of power, strength and freedom

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“Having grown up in Detroit,” said Sui, “I wanted to incorporate my memories of Mustang and celebrate the spirit of pop culture and Americana in my designs. As a designer, I am constantly inspired by everything around me and often include a nod to my roots – referring to nostalgic, romantic and rock influences – just like Ford Mustang.”

Michelle Silvestri, who took the lead on the project for Ford ad agency “Team Detroit” says they wanted a diverse collection of products.

“Each of these designers are so different in their aesthetic, yet each one celebrates very similar notions.”

The shirts, Ford says, will be made of “100 percent organic” cotton by manufacturer Loomstate. They will cost $39 each, and be sold online through Gilt, a high end retailer, at Pre-orders will be taken starting Tuesday, August 26th.

“We are excited to work with Ford to exclusively launch the Mustang Unleashed collection on,” said Steven Schneider, president, Gilt City and Gilt Business Development. “We’re always looking for ways to give our members access to unique products and experiences they can’t find anywhere else. This is a perfect opportunity to bring together fashion and automotive design in a way we know our members will love.”

The t-shirts, which are for both men and women, follow a successful campaign promoting Mustang inspired nail polish. They’ve sold four million kits to date.
Ford’s Kim Cape says this is one of the biggest steps in so called “guerrilla marketing” that Ford has undertaken.

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“This truly is leveraging Mustang, and its influence in pop culture, a very big step for Ford brand and Mustang.”