By: Evan Jankens

Doing this blog might cost me to not shave for a year. I will explain later.

It’s not always wise to mouth off on Twitter and one user is going to learn this the hard way.

A man named Fisher King on Twitter had this following tweet:

Here is where the problem started… Sam did sack Manziel and did do the “money” sign.

So Mr. King had the following series of tweets:

Notice how he didn’t mention the drinks? Now looks what happens…

Looks like he was starting to get a little smarter and Michael Sam himself responded.

So it looks like Sam’s charity will benefit and not you and I with free drinks…which is much better in my opinion.

Now I bring you back to myself opening my dumb mouth.

Kevin Durant is a sneaker free agent and it appears that Under Armour really wants him and could offer upward of $300 million.

I decided to make this dumb tweet:

Please Kevin for the love of my face stay with Nike!


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