By: Pat Caputo

1. Eric Ebron, tight end – The idea with the Lions’ offense, under first-year coordinator Joe Lombardi, is to stretch the field to the sidelines and deep, and open up the middle for seam routes. Ebron was the 10th overall pick in the NFL Draft and has exceptional athleticism for his size. He was drafted, to a large degree, because of his ability to get deep on seam routes.

2. Darius Slay – It might be a stretch to suggest Slay is capable of being a shutdown NFL cornerback, but the Lions need him to play like a legitimate NFL starter at the position. Why? Because it is by the far the Lions’ weakest position.

3. Nate Freese – The Lions missed Jason Hanson more than they possibly could have known last season. Freese, a rookie seventh-round draft pick, needs to be a major upgrade from what an aging David Akers presented in 2013.


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