OAKLAND COUNTY (WWJ) — Two suspected jewel thieves are in custody after the duo allegedly robbed a home in Independence Township and resold the stolen goods.

Officials said that John Sorenson, 38, and Cameron Cornell, 19, — both of Independence Township — sold the stolen jewelry and other valuables to businesses in Pontiac, Waterford Township and Independence Township.

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The items — worth more than $10,000 — were stolen from an Independence Township home. The suspects were arrested and charged with second-degree home invasion in Independence Township and first-degree home invasion  in Waterford Township.

Police were able to arrest the suspects and recover the stolen jewelry within 24 hours of the theft with the help of the website, LeadsOnline.

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“Without LeadsOnline, we would not have been able to catch our suspects and recover all of the stolen property,” Sheriff Michael Bouchard said. “If we didn’t have access to LeadsOnline we would have had to wait for the paper pawn ticket — which could have taken a month — and the jewelry could have been melted down by then. Within 24 hours of the theft, we were able to recover the jewelry for the victims.”

LeadsOnline is the nation’s largest online investigations system used by law enforcement to track stolen property that may have been sold across city, county and even state lines.

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Police also recovered stolen firearms, ammunition and more jewelry from the suspects’ vehicle at the time of questioning.