By: Evan Jankens

Teenage Mutant Ninja Terp? That’s how it appears to look at least.

The Maryland Terrapins released a video of their new mascot and, boy, has this dude beefed up in the offseason. I don’t know if he got the same ooze that the Ninja Turtles got, but wow he might give Sparty a run for his money in all-out street fight.

This dude looks like he doesn’t take any nonsense. I bet he spent all summer in the gym only drinking protein shakes. I bet he’s one of those guys in the gym who just yells after every set.

I believe the point of the video is to promote their new uniforms and to strike fear into all of their opponents.

If you are a Maryland fan, can you get this in stuffed animal form for your kids?


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