By: Evan Jankens

Miguel Cabrera channeled his inner Matthew Stafford last night as the Tigers took on the Royals.

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Before an inning, Miggy threw a ball into the stands to the one and only Calvin Johnson. Of course Calvin caught the ball with his bare hands. (Can you imagine if Megatron had dropped it?)

The best part to me is the looks on the faces of Johnson’s teammates. Joe Fauria looks on in utter amazement, Matthew Stafford is just having a ball, just laughing it up, and Reggie Bush is also sitting there grinning ear to ear.

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It’s always a great moment when you can see players from Detroit teams showing support to one another.

The one thing I’m curious about is did Miguel notice the Lions in the stands on his own or was there some chatter in the dugout about the Lions superstars in the stands? I also applaud Johnson, Stafford, Bush and Fauria for sitting in the stands and not hiding in a suite.

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