CANTON (WWJ) — Police and officials for Plymouth-Canton Community Schools are warning about the dangers of the drug known commonly as bath salts.

Police said that there have been three incidents between Thursday and Friday of students falling ill from the synthetic drug that can cause hallucinations, delusions and suicidal thoughts. The substance has been marketed under names like Cloud Nine and Bliss.

Police said that the substances are not the bath salts you use in your bathroom, but rather powerful illegal drugs that have not been tested for safety and users don’t really know exactly what chemicals they are putting into their bodies.

The side effects the drugs cause may be permanent, with Poison Center experts saying that the substances are among the worst they have seen.

The Plymouth-Canton Community School District issued a statement addressing the ongoing issue that has affected its students.

“We are very concerned about students in our community using ‘Cloud 9’ or any substance,” the statement read. “Our attention to this matter has been heightened by two instances at P-CEP in the past two days. We encourage you to discuss the dangers and illegality of drugs and alcohol, and the importance of good decision-making and consequences with your children.

“We take student safety very seriously and look forward to your continued partnership and support. If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to your child’s assistant principal.”

Those concerned about the drug are asked to call the school’s assistant principal.


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