It was déjà vu all over again for the five houseguests remaining in the house. Frankie, Caleb, Cody and Victoria were all competing to win HOH for the week as the Big Brother house game was rewound in the a twist called BB Rewind. Would Frankie continue to dominate the week as he did before or would someone else emerge the victor? The jury made a surprise appearance for a luxury competition that was one big mess. With the reset it seemed clear a new target was emerging. One thing is certain and only one person will win this game. Let me recap last night’s episode for you.

History Doesn’t Repeat Itself

With the HOH competition being, “Seed Saw,” it was moving a lot quicker than before, since the houseguests had competed in this competition already and had familiarity going in. It was clear it was going to be where they had left off, Frankie was the one to beat. But Cody and Caleb were determined to make sure that wasn’t going to happen. Surprisingly Victoria seemed to be doing better but in no surprise lacked the balance and coordination in leveling the shovel as well as the seeds. It was getting to be a tight race between Cody and Caleb as Frankie was being slowly left behind. An error on Cody’s part got himself eliminated again, leaving Frankie and Caleb with all there seeds on the shovel still to win. As Victoria and Cody slowly tried to get back in the game it was too late as Caleb was victorious and was crowned the new HOH for the week.

Victoria was still putting on an act of being furious with Derrick and in Frankie’s diary room session it clearly showed it was awkward to be in the same room with them. To Derrick surprise how easy it was for Victoria to continue the act and have Frankie believe it. With Caleb in power it seemed that in Frankie’s mind the target would still be Victoria. However Derrick and Cody saw otherwise. Trying to convince Caleb to put up Frankie to better help his game, when really it was to help get a big target out of the house as well as solidify a final three. But in the early morning of the Big Brother house, the houseguest were awoken to jury member’s yelling “holla,” and seeing on the screen to prepare for a luxury competition.

Puck It For Luxury

With the luxury competition the houseguest went up to the back room of the HOH where they were treated to breakfast and a big screen TV to view. Many speculated that it was for the competition. Little did they know while watching the screen the evicted houseguests in the Jury house were let back into the Big Brother house. While the current houseguest were in the HOH room, the jury members were causing a mess in the Big Brother house after being let back into the house and after the houseguest had just cleaned the house. To the current houseguests, it seemed like the jury members had a lot of frustration they wanted to get out and they clearly got it out on the current houseguests still living in the house.

The competition was two-fold, jury members were to find pucks scatter around the Big Brother house and would then eliminate other jury members from the competition. The last remaining jury member would win $5,000. Not to leave the current houseguest from the prize, they were asked to choose from the six one of them to represent them in the competition, which they think would win. Whichever jury member won, the houseguest that bet on them would also win as well. In no surprise, Christine wasn’t chosen by a houseguest and was quickly eliminated from the competition. Nicole seemed to be finding puck after puck eliminating Donnie, Zach and Jocasta, leaving her shomance Hayden in the competition. Cody had picked Nicole to win was being very vocal in the HOH room cheering on Nicole. In the end, Hayden found the last puck and in almost an act of kindness was going to self evict himself from the competition, but Nicole wouldn’t let him. Hayden even got a kiss from Nicole in the end and Victoria was also a winner since she bet on Hayden to win.

Who’s The Beast?

Derrick’s main target for the week was Frankie and with the BB rewind in motion it was the perfect opportunity to do so. The only issue was to convince Caleb. In no surprise however was how easy it was to manipulate Caleb into doing Derrick’s doing. What’s interesting to see was how much Cody was trying to convince Caleb it wasn’t smart to put Derrick up, even though he has yet to be on the block at all this season. But it proves how much influence Derrick has in this game. Frankie seems to slowly catch on that Derrick is playing the game, yet is oblivious to how much influence he has with the other houseguest. At the end of the day however Derrick gave the facts to Caleb that it would be smart to put Frankie up against Victoria because it would better his, Cody and Caleb’s chances at all making the final three. While the worst case scenario from this is Frankie winning POV, putting up either Derrick or Cody and the plan to still evict Victoria. However Caleb’s concern was his game the following week. At the nomination ceremony it was clear that Derrick’s influence on Caleb was strong and Frankie was put up on the block against Victoria.

Frankie says he’s the beast at competitions, even though Caleb self entitled him as Beast Mode Cowboy. However it’s becoming more clear the beast in the Big Brother house is Derrick. He’s continuing to play the game, used his background as an undercover cop and befriended almost all of the houseguests. With his only competition left in the house is his own Team America alliance member and Caleb, it’s clear these next few days will test Derrick’s influence in the house as well as his own game play. If he can succeed to evict Frankie, then Caleb and then Cody, he’ll be the obvious winner against Victoria to win the $500k.

My Prediction for POV, Eviction & HOH

Frankie narrowly beat Derrick by 24 seconds for the POV. So I predict this time around Derrick will win the POV over Frankie. Maybe we’ll even see Victoria do well or continue to be confused by the face morph of all the houseguests. If Derrick were to win he would keep nominations the same. If either Victoria or Frankie come off the block, I believe Cody would be the one nominated as their replacement. But on tomorrow’s special eviction episode, it will be a unanimous vote to evict Frankie from the Big Brother house. The with another HOH competition immediately following, I believe another twist will happen or more like luck that Victoria will in. I would be dumbfounded but it’s Big Brother and I’m expecting the unexpected.

So tune in tomorrow, Tuesday at 8pm on CBS Detroit 62 to see whether Frankie or Victoria can win POV, who the possible replacement nominee will be, who will be evicted and who the new HOH will be. The finale is NINE days away and we’ll have a final three by the end of Wednesday night’s Live Eviction episode! Plus there may be another mission given to Team America, so you’ll want to stay tuned and watch the episodes coming up to see what that may be. For the live feeders they know what that is, for those who just watch the show, stay tuned!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email