By: Evan Jankens

Originally from Benton Harbor and now a NBA star with the Denver Nuggets, Wilson Chandler has built quite the shoe collection.

If you have read any of my blogs in the past you know that I have an obsession with sneakers — most notably Air Jordan’s and Nike.

Chandler has a storage locker in Benton Harbor that is just chock-full of Jordan’s among others. Chandler considers himself not a “kicks on court” kind of guy, but wants to wear what is comfortable on the court. He is also a Nike athlete…so you know he has his fair share of those as well.

The storage locker is filled with original Jordan’s — which are about as hard as any shoe to get. The best part of it all: All the shoes are for sale!

Chandler does state that he was a Bulls fan growing up because his grandmother loved Michael Jordan.


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