By: Mike Sullivan

Drake likes sports, there’s no doubt about that. He hosted the 2014 ESPY’s this summer and received very mixed reviews. Some loved it, some hated it. People are always questioning whether he’s a true sports fan, or just a bandwagon fan who likes what’s popular.

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He’s a global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors, yet we’ve also seen him at The NBA Finals supporting LeBron. He’s rapped about his other buddy, Johnny Manziel as well. It’s also no secret that Drake supports Kentucky basketball, where he was seen at the Final Four last year wearing a shirt supporting Rochester, Michigan’s own James Young.

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Well, I guess Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota is his newest pal. This past Saturday night, Drake was seen wearing his jersey on stage at a concert in Washington state. Drake, who is signed with Nike, wore Air Jordan “Oregon Duck” 4’s and 5’s on stage as well.

Drake clearly likes rolling with winners. I have no problem with it. If he wants to hangout with popular athletes, who are we to tell him he shouldn’t? From a business standpoint, it’s actually smart to surround yourself with successful athletes and capitalize off their fame and promotion.

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The question becomes whether or not it’s genuine. What do you think? Is Drake a real sports fan or just a bandwagon front-runner?