By: Mike Sullivan

Jalen Rose clearly has some bottled anger towards his former Michigan teammate Chris Webber.

It’s no secret that there has been some drama between the historic “Fab Five” members. Michigan fans are always wondering what the relationship between these guys is actually like.

On Monday, Rose spoke to HoopsHype and expressed his displeasure with not being included in the new Fab Five documentary that Webber is doing. Rose said:

“It’s not a legitimate documentary if the other four guys don’t participate.”

He went on to say that he hasn’t heard anything about Webber’s project besides from what he’s seen in the media. HoopsHype then asked Jalen about the last time he spoke to Chris Webber, at which point an apology was solicited:

“I heard through mutual friends that he’s upset that I said that I feel like he should have come out and apologize for some transgressions that happened at the University of Michigan. But I still stand behind that. Also I’m disappointed how the relationship with [Michigan booster] Ed Martin ended.”

Rose wasn’t finished. He went on to essentially take a jab at Webber for being selfish:

“Hopefully he finds a way to realize and apologize about what happened in Michigan. It ain’t just about you.”

Jalen believes that he and his old teammates, the coaches, the University of Michigan, and the Wolverine fans all deserve an apology from Webber for the infamous Ed Martin scandal.

As a fan, do you feel like Chris Webber owes you an apology?


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