SANDUSKY, Ohio (CBS Detroit) –  Does the word “Rougarou” mean anything to you?

Cedar Point on Thursday announced that a “new floorless roller coaster” by that name will be coming thrill-seekers’ way in the spring of 2015, utilizing the structure and track of the soon-to-be defunct Mantis “stand up” ride.

Said the park in a news release, “Named after a terrifying werewolf-like creature in French folklore, Rougarou [roo-guh-roo] feeds on screams and lurks in and around the swampy lagoon at the center of the park, shared with other coasters like Iron Dragon and Top Thrill Dragster.”

Looking at graphics and a video rendering released by CP, it looks like Rougarou will basically be Mantis with some new paint and new trains.

(credit: Cedar Point)

(credit: Cedar Point)

“Rougarou’s floorless trains will take riders on an epic journey at speeds reaching 60 mph as their feet dangle just inches above the track and the murky waters below,” according to the park.

The trains will be manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard, Monthey, Switzerland — the same team the park’s popular Raptor coaster as well as the GateKeeper, and “will transform the ride experience dramatically while utilizing the structure and track of the former Mantis roller coaster.”

(credit: Cedar Point)

(credit: Cedar Point)

A description of the Rougarou continues: The ride begins with a climb to the top of the 145-foot-tall first hill, providing amazing views of the Cedar Point skyline. After reaching the apex, the trains will make a 180-degree turn to the right and plummet 137 feet, at a 52-degree angle, to within inches above the water. Thrill-seekers caught in Rougarou’s grasp will then be flipped upside-down by a 119-foot-tall vertical loop, spun around a 103-foot-tall dive loop, whipped around a highly-banked 360-degree turn and then twisted upside-down again by the world’s only inclined loop on a floorless coaster, angled at a wicked 45 degrees. Just when guests think the ride is over, the steel beast will take them through a 360-degree flat spin, tight and twisty turns and a figure-eight finale.

Riders must be 54 inches tall to ride Rougarou.

(credit: Cedar Point)

(credit: Cedar Point)

“Rougarou is going to be a fantastic addition to our coaster lineup and our guests are going to love it,” said Jason McClure, vice president and general manager of Cedar Point, in a statement. “With the swampy waters below, the vibrant colors of the supports and track, lighting and other effects, it will be a ride like no other at the park.

Although some on social media have been pontificating on the new ride’s peculiar name, most would likely agree it rolls off the tongue a bit better than “The Coaster Formerly Known As Mantis.”

For those who aren’t ready to say so long to Mantis quite yet, there’s still time to enjoy the ride until it shuts down for good on Sunday, Oct. 19.  Cedar Point remains open on weekends through Nov. 2. [For specific dates and park hours, check the schedule HERE].

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