By: Evan Jankens

I have been getting heckled since I was 21 because I don’t enjoy drinking all too much. I know, I’m a 31-year-old male who doesn’t want to have a beer with dinner or out with the friends…so be it. It’s not my thing and never have I looked down on someone for enjoying a drink; it’s just not my thing.

This commercial doesn’t pertain to me too much, but, that being said, it really hit home. In the new Budweiser commercial to promote safe drinking really took a unique route to get the point across.

In the start of the spot it shows a puppy and his owner, and as the dog grows up he and his owner become thick as thieves. Until one night when the owner goes out with some friends. The commercial shows the dog waiting on the couch for the guy to get home … and, for a minute there, it wasn’t looking good.

The screen fades to black and says, “for some, the waiting never ended.” To me I figured the guy died in a drinking accident…but that isn’t the case.

(A co-worker wants me to add here that I was on the verge of tears for a second, but I deny it!)

The man appears home the next day telling the dog he didn’t want to drink and drive, so he crashed at his buddy’s house.

I would say this commercial will be well-received, especially for pet owners like myself.  It already has more than 6.5 million view on YouTube, if that tells you anything.


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