(CBS Detroit) – Dealing with the loss of a loved-one can be tough, but what about when that loved-one is a pet?

Dr. Corey Gut is a veterinarian in Bloomfield Hills. She’s making the rounds with a new book helping parents prepare their kids for the loss of a companion animal titled “Being Brave for Bailey”.

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A question that dog and cat owners often ask themselves after a pet has died is, “should I replace the animal right away?” While not a hard and fast yes, Dr. Gut offers this sentiment, “You find a new space in your heart. They’ll never replace the pet that you had but you’ll be amazed at how quickly your heart can grow and find a new spot for somebody to love.”

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The book was inspired by her sister’s ailing dog Bailey. Dr. Gut said, “Bailey was getting older and developed liver cancer.” Her sister asked about resources to prepare her daughter for the diagnosis and as the dog’s life reached the end.

The book’s description reads,

Bailey is a wonderful dog who has been a great companion to his family, including the littlest members. But as Bailey grows old and sick, his tail barely wags, he refuses to play, and he seems sad. Bailey’s veterinarian tells the family that since he is suffering, it’s time to do what is best for him, and now they must say goodbye.

As the children learn that it is okay to cry and remember the good times they have had with their pet, they are gently guided through the process of euthanasia and pet loss.

Being Brave for Bailey provides loving guidance, gentle support, and practical tools that help children understand and accept the death of a beloved pet.

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“Being Brave for Bailey” is available HERE and at the DePorre Veterinary Hospital.