LANSING (WWJ) — Here in Michigan, we’re entering into the most dangerous season for deer related car crashes — the months of October and November.

Chairman of the Michigan Deer Crash Coalition, Lori Conarton, said that drivers need to be aware while they’re on the roads, and that if you see one deer, there are likely more to follow, especially at dawn and dusk.

“Don’t veer for the deer because what we found is that most injuries and deaths occur when people swerve to avoid the deer and they end up hitting a tree or going into oncoming traffic,” Conarton said.

Conarton said that one-in-five car crashes in Michigan involves a deer. In 2013, 12 people were killed and another 1,200 were injured in deer related crashes.

“In October, November and December, we have found that car/deer crashes spike over 40 percent,” Conarton said. “This time of year, drivers on the roadway just really need to remember that — especially at dusk and dawn — when they’re on the roads they may see some deer and they need to take action and slow down.”

In 2013, Oakland County had the most car/deer crashes with 1,801 crashes. According to the Michigan Deer Crash Coalition, as many as half of vehicle-deer crashes may not be reported, so actual numbers may be much higher.

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