By: Mike Sullivan

1. Joba Chamberlain on people criticizing the Tigers bullpen: “People can say what they want. I could really give two (expletive) to be honest with you. We know how good we are. At the end of the day, we’re going to go through bumps and bruises but everybody does. We know what we have and obviously we continue to do it and we’ve put ourselves in a good position.”

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2. Brad Ausmus announces the postseason rotation and delays final roster decision: “Just so everyone knows: Scherzer’s game one, Verlander two, Price three, Porcello four.”

“Until we know what Rajai Davis’ status is for the postseason, our postseason roster including the bullpen will not be set. That’s going to be at least 24 hours away.”

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3. Max Scherzer believes the Tigers can win it all: “I believe our talent (will) win out. I thought this from day one that we were the most talented team and even here today, I still believe in this clubhouse, I still think we have the talent to do this and go out and win the whole thing.”

4. Justin Verlander on if the window is closing for this Tigers team to win a World Series: “Yes and No. You do look around and see guys that are free agents, but at the same time, since I’ve been here, it seems like that’s been the case a few times. A lot of credit goes to Mr. Ilitch, Dave Dombrowski, all the management. They seem to always find a way to keep a winning product on the field.”

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5. Joe Nathan talking about the negative perception of Tigers bullpen: “We’re not concerned about what other people are talking about as far as our bullpen and stuff like that. We know what we’re capable of. We know what we need to do for this ball club. I think we’ve kept our heads above water to allow us to win this division. If our bullpen is so terrible, the other part of this team must be really good for us to win a division.”