By Dan Jenkins

After the way recent events have unfolded surrounding the University of Michigan Athletic Department, it’s not hard for people to find ammunition to conduct mischief around the internet.

With how the Athletic Department has handled the Shane Morris incident — leaving him in Saturday’s game against Minnesota while he had a concussion, Brady Hoke’s mismanaged press conference two days later and a medical statement that was released at 1 a.m. Tuesday — people have taken to the internet, and the streets, to voice their displeasure with the men in charge.

In the latest stunt, someone changed Athletic Director Dave Brandon’s job title on his Wikipedia page — similarly to what happened to Hoke’s page after a loss to Utah two weeks ago. A hooligan vandalized the page to change Brandon’s occupation to “unemployed pizza delivery man.”

One student even went far enough as to start a petition to remove Brandon from his position, which now has over 10,000 signatures. Hundreds of students took to the Diag and University President Mark Schlissel’s house on Tuesday night in a protest to remove Brandon and Hoke from their positions at the University.

Now, it seems, that U-M has a P.R. crisis on its hands the likes of which it has never seen.


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