By: Mike Sullivan

1. Miguel Cabrera when asked to sign for his playoff bonus: “I’m not signing anything. I just want the ring.”

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2. Brady Hoke on if he will start wearing a headset: “No, I won’t. That’s something that I’ve explained a lot. It allows me to coach guys on the sideline. I’ve got a guy right behind me who is telling me everything that I need to know. I think it helps when you want to be a hands on coach.”

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3. Ndamukong Suh on the accusation of him not taking a shower after the Jets game: “I would say my teammates see it different. I always take a shower. It would be bad hygiene if you didn’t take a shower after a game like that, especially being hot and sweaty. I always take a shower and make sure I take care of my body and get forward and ready for the next game. I’m one of the first guys in the locker room and probably one of the first guys out. All about business. Just the way I work.”

4. Calvin Johnson on if he thinks Jim Schwartz will try to prove something at Ford Field on Sunday: “I wouldn’t be surprised, you know, of course he’s coming back here and I’m sure he would want to throw it all at us.”

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5. Brady Hoke was asked if he felt hung out to dry by Dave Brandon: “Not at all. I believe that number one, the statement covers what we all have done to go through this. Secondly, I think Dave Brandon and I have a great relationship. A relationship that’s built on trust, it’s been built on integrity, it’s been built on character.”