By Ashley Dunkak

CBS DETROIT – In the spirit of Detroit Lions tight end Joseph Fauria tripping on the way to stop his puppy from peeing in the house, Lions running back Reggie Bush gave Stoney, Bill and Sara of 97.1 The Ticket a detailed account of his strangest non-football injury.

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“Once I was riding jet skis, and thankfully it was in the offseason, so it didn’t affect football, but I was riding a jet ski, and when you’re riding jet skis, you’re supposed to go against the wave, you’re not supposed to go with it, so I was coming back in, and I decided to go with the wave, like just jump it and ride back in,” Bush said. “I didn’t know any better, so I jumped the wave, and the drop, it was higher than I thought it was going to be,  because you can’t really see how the drop is when you’re going with the wave, so it was higher than I thought it was going to be.

“When I hit, my hand slipped off the gas, the wave hit me from the back, flipped me over, and the handlebar like went right into my leg and ripped a big huge hole on the inside of my thigh,” Bush continued, “and I was in Mexico, so I had to go see a doctor in Mexico like some frickin’ – it was like this building was made out of clay, and had to go in there, get stitched up, [the doctor] came up with this needle that looked like the size of a frickin’ harpoon, numbed me, then started stitching me up.”

Needless to say, Bush stays away from all such activities during the season, even on the bye week.

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“You just have to be careful,” Bush said. “During the season, I completely cancel all that stuff. I don’t do any of that stuff … Offseason I just try to use my best judgment.”

As far as Fauria’s unfortunate fall, Bush – who joked that Fauria should not have admitted to how he got injured – said the team has not been teasing him about the silly nature of the injury.

“He’s still injured, so we’re going to wait until he gets back and healthy. Then we’ll give it to him,” Bush said. “We wants to wait until he gets back and playing. Then we’ll kill him. Then we’ll give it to him.”

Fauria’s sprained ankle, which resulted from a misstep on the stairs in his home as he chased his three-month-old dog, marks only the latest strange injury for the Lions. In the team’s game against the Green Bay Packers, linebacker Stephen Tulloch tore his ACL while celebrating a sack, and last season wide receiver Nate Burleson broke an arm in a one-car crash that happened because he tried to keep pizza boxes from sliding off his passenger seat.

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