By Edward Cardenas

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) – The speed at which reporters covering the Detroit Tigers receive game information in Comerica Park is getting a boost from Comcast.

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The communication company has built all-fiber Internet connection at the stadium, and for the playoffs, increased the bandwidth to 100 MB for information being sent out on the Internet and 100 MB for what they receive.

“It is a real good connection for them to run their video over, or their pictures or their transcripts for the playoffs,” said Bob Chodkiewich, manager of enterprise sales engineers for the Heartland region for Comcast. “They have a lot more journalists coming in, so they have their way of getting their data out.”

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This boost in bandwidth is greater than the average home connection, where most people 2 MB they send out receive 16 MB of data.

For Chodkiewich and his team, the upgrades to the park have become an annual tradition. They have enhanced the Internet for the playoffs over the past four years, and even built out the Internet to the auxiliary press area for Super Bowl XL in 2006 when it was held in Detroit.

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“Everybody on my team especially, they are very happy that have been able to do something for the Tigers,” said Chodkiewich, who hopes the Tigers have deep run into the playoffs. “That is our wishes, that they win the big one this year.”